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Family United

Everyone’s team looks a little different. No matter what players are involved — whether it’s two parents or one, supportive family members or friends — working together is the way to go.

“Join as many groups as possible, meet as many people as you can so you can find your people”
“It's about accepting that we're all imperfect parents raising imperfect children and that's perfectly ok”
“Take 10 mins every day no matter how tired you are.”
“Sleep. Any chance you can. Have a general plan for each day. Most of parenting is improvised. No one truly knows what they are doing. Ask for help when needed. Learn the body signals your kid develops.”
“Learn your limits and your strengths and weaknesses and those of your spouse and look after each other.”
“Have a routine in place or try to build one along the way. Communicate, listen, be there for one another.”
“Talk, listen, rest, tag team”
“As a single parent I don’t have a partner to build a stronger relationship with but am using the support of my family and midwife team to help me build a stronger relationship with my baby.”
“Have fun together, be childlike and play. Sexual intimacy is not the only or even best way to connect and build a strong relationship.”
“You are not alone, it can be hard, there are so many services in Latrobe to help support and connect, don’t be scared to reach out.”
“Play, be silly, have a joke, watch a comedy that you both enjoy and it does brighten your mood and it is an emotional outlet and helps you to remember not to let life get too serious.”
“Get a babysitter! Remember that life isn't all about your child, you need to work on your relationship too.”

Bringing home a new baby can be life changing.  With all the information and services available, we wanted to find out how to support parents to navigate through the changes they experience once their baby comes — so we went straight to the experts: Latrobe Valley parents!

More than 400 local parents told us that teamwork is key to maintaining a healthy relationship once a baby arrives. From that, Family United was born.

Family United is a campaign designed by Latrobe Valley parents, for Latrobe Valley parents. It’s a collection of advice and real stories from those who have been there, done that, and want to help you through the same thing.

So, to the mums, dads and all the supportive players; we think you’re champions already but here are some tips to help you along the way.

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