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Impact of COVID-19 on young people in Latrobe

The COVID 19 pandemic response has provided a challenge to the delivery of community services, in particular, the engagement with youth in Latrobe. Community services have had to adapt service delivery models to meet the rapidly changing environment. A review of these services was undertaken in 2020-21 to inform future practice delivery and address engagement strategies with youth in Latrobe.

This review provided an opportunity to learn from the positive outcomes coming from the emerging models and understand the barriers that are presented. Services are interested in maintaining the changes to service models where there are positive outcomes, review practices that had negative outcomes and to plan for the future service delivery needs of youth agencies.

To understand more about the impact COVID-19 has had on the youth in Latrobe the Local Learning and Employment Network partnership lead an in-depth analysis of the attitudes and experiences of youth agencies in the hope to identify the current and future needs of this population.

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