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The Hello. campaign encourages people to say hello to each other to highlight the importance of social connections in the Latrobe

Hello. has been around since 2019, helping the Latrobe Valley community connect with each other in the simplest way possible – by just saying ‘hello’.

Social connection is important for our mental health and wellbeing, preventing mental illness and helping us to live well. Our social connections include people we know; the friends we confide in, the family we belong to and the community we live in.

To reach all corners of Latrobe, Hello. has seen many different forms; you might have seen Hello. on local busses, people donning the classic Hello. t-shirt, or even scored a free cuppa from a pop-up cafe!

2022 saw 6-months of ongoing Hello. celebrations, including a Winter Festival, a pen pal program promoting intergenerational connections between primary schools and retirement homes, a board games with young people, a local pets event and Social Inclusion Week.  

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