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Richard Massey

Communications & Engagement Lead
Joined Assembly:
(03) 5173 8402

Personal Experience

My name is Richard Massey and I am the Communications and Engagement Lead at the Latrobe Health Assembly. My background is in website design, corporate communications and graphic design. I moved to the Latrobe Valley in 2009 from Melbourne for a “tree-change” and fell in love with the area.

I have been employed at the Latrobe Health Assembly since 2017, in which time I have seen many changes within the organisations as we have welcomed numerous new community members to the volunteer team, new staff members and of course the growth of a community lead organisation undertaking ground-breaking work; a first for Australia.

As the Communications and Engagement Lead, my role requires me to be across all of the projects and programs that the Latrobe Health Assembly undertakes but one project that stands out for me is my involvement with the Adolescents Building Connections program being managed by Quantum Support Services. This program seeks to build resilience and stress/anger management skills in young people in a school based settings. The program reaches youth before they potentially enter the youth justice system and is demonstrating some incredible results.

My hope for the Latrobe Health Assembly and the work we are undertaking to improve the health and wellbeing of our region is that we begin to see measurable improvements that can be linked to our projects and program. We have made great strides in implementing extensive evaluation processes which not only demonstrate outcomes, they also serve to provide us and other similar organisations with learnings for future projects that we will be seeking to share as often as possible in the future.

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