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Leanne Potter

Assembly Member
Representation Area:
Latrobe Valley
Organisations involved in:
Charlie Mac and Associates
Joined Assembly:

Personal Experience

My name is Leanne Potter.  I have been volunteering with the Latrobe Health Assembly for two years. I joined as a rural representative, having lived in the small farming community of Budgeree most of my life. My background is in education, with degrees in Special Education, Adult Education and Counselling. This has allowed me to break down stigma, raise awareness, education and implement strategies for our community around mental health and suicide prevention.

I have been engaging with and contributing to the local community through my volunteer role as the secretary of the Budgeree Hall. This small rural hall is the only public space in Budgeree and is the center for all social gatherings. Over the past three years we have enhanced community pride through improved amenities and attractiveness of the hall and grounds. The hall is now a popular wedding venue and a place of connection for our community.  We have been facilitating events to help support healthy lifestyles that improve mental wellbeing, recreation and connection within our community.

My current role as the Corporate Trainer at Lifeline Gippsland allows me to communicate and engage with a wide range of individuals, community organisations and businesses across the Gippsland region.  Having contact with such a diverse range of communities and individuals gives me an understanding of the local social issues and health barriers specific to this region.

My vision for the Latrobe Valley is a place where active communities are supported to identify their unique needs and are working in partnership to facilitate local outcomes. Where services and organisations work together with the community to proactively initiate positive changes in the best interest of the whole community.  Where the issues are explored and understood, and solutions strive to meet diverse needs now and, in the future, to meet the needs of generations to come.

As a community representative of the Latrobe Health Assembly, I bring my experience and knowledge of the mental health care system as well as my connections with the broader community through my community engagements.  I have a passion for empowering and engaging with others to implement new and initiative solutions to build upon the health and wellbeing of this community.

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