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Kenton Winsley

Assembly Board Member
Organisations involved in:
Victorian Department of Health
Joined Assembly:

Personal Experience

Kenton Winsley is the Regional Director Public Health and Emergency Management. Kenton is a Registered Aboriginal Health Practitioner and provides strategic advice to stakeholders on Aboriginal Health and Engagement matters; Kenton regularly undertakes clinical practice as a Registered Paramedic with Ambulance Victoria providing prehospital trauma care and as a Registered Nurse with Monash Health. Kenton’s role with the Department of Health enables the policy and operational interface with the work of the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone, Latrobe Health Assembly and Latrobe Health Advocate and brings in a focus to aligning local prevention and population health approaches.

Kenton is originally from a remote Aboriginal community called Belyuen, in the Northern Territory: like most Aboriginal communities, Belyuen faces significant health and social dysfunctions that impact Aboriginal families. Kenton has stayed connected to his community: and his cultural and employment background in health, child protection and corrections provides him with the skills and knowledge required to understand the social and political challenges that face Aboriginal people. Kenton is committed to ensuring individuals, families, and communities receive culturally responsive services: and such services are delivered on the principles of social justice, community engagement and community expectations.

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