Latrobe Health Assembly

Youth Health Screening


Project Objectives

A Youth Health and Wellbeing assessment has been rolled out by the NSW Government and is used to assess the health and wellbeing of every youth (12-24) that attends a health service or clinic within NSW.

A local project being developed by the Latrobe Health Assembly proposes to develop a local model. This project would see a six-month pilot study implementing a Youth Health and Wellbeing assessment to the Kurnai college year 11 cohort of students in 2020. The funding will cover the costs of a GP to come to the school for one day a week for the six-month period and also the costs of any pathology tests required. Students will receive the initial 30-minute assessment with the GP, be sent for any pathology tests and then return if needed for a follow up consultation.

The screening sessions will be offered to all students during the study period. All students will be encouraged to attend appointments during school hours and conducted on site. By encouraging many students to participate in the screening program it is anticipated stigma or embarrassment for students will be diminished.

The Latrobe Health Assembly will be able to use the cohort data (de-identified) to tailor health planning and prevention programs in the future. The individual data will be uploaded to the patient’s electronic record and can be used as a baseline for future medical assessments.

The Youth Health and Wellbeing assessment is comprised of two parts. The first is the HEEADSSS assessment. Each letter of the HEEADSSS assessment screens a major domain of the youth’s life:

  • H – Home
  • E – Education and employment
  • E – Eating and exercise
  • A – Activities, hobbies and peer relationships
  • D – Drug use (cigarettes and alcohol)
  • S – Sexual activity and sexuality
  • S – Suicide, self-harm, depression, mood and sleeping patterns
  • S – Safety and spirituality

The second part of the assessment is the youth health and wellbeing chart.

As this project is currently in development, further details will be provided in future updates.

Status Update