Latrobe Health Assembly

Permanent outdoor table tennis tables


Project Objectives

Latrobe City Council have authorised a single trial site for a fixed table tennis table to be located in Traralgon. The trial will use CCTV cameras to assist the evaluation in providing usage statistics.

The trial stage of the Permanent Outdoor Table Tennis Tables project received the support of the Latrobe Health Assembly Board to proceed to the construction stage.

Further updates on the project will be included in future editions of this report.

Permanent outdoor table tennis tables are a new and exciting addition that are popping up throughout Europe and scattered across Australia. They have been shown to promote a physical and healthy lifestyle as well as improve mental health and wellbeing. It is a great opportunity for the community to get outside and get active.

This project aims to install up to eight permanent, weatherproof outdoor table tennis tables across the Latrobe Valley to provide the community with a form of exercise-based infrastructure.

Development of this project began with a minor project that had the objective of determining which communities would support table tennis tables installed within their community. The Latrobe Health Assembly held popup engagement sessions at Mid Valley Shopping Centre and Stockland Plaza Traralgon and GippSport incorporated engagement on this project during their schedule Street Games activities (taking portable table tennis tables along to community visits).

We received 192 responses to the survey with the following key outcomes:

  • If there were permanent table tennis structures on your local parks would you use them?
    Yes – 136 No – 15 Maybe – 39
  • If there was an option to hire a bat and ball for a small fee from a local shop or business, would you access this?
    Yes – 113 No – 59

Status Update