Latrobe Health Assembly

Medicinal Cannabis Forum


Project Objectives

This project aimed to provide two forums to increase knowledge and understanding as to when and how medicinal cannabis should be prescribed to patients.

One forum was for community members with a focus on their questions and concerns and one forum was held for medical practitioners and general practitioners to educate and inform.

The discussions at both forums were highly informative and post forum chats with guests reflected a highly positive sentiment towards the event and also for the Latrobe Health Assembly taking the initiative to run the event. Speaking with one guest at the beginning of the forum, the Communications and Engagement Coordinator was told: “I had been turned away by five doctors in Queensland simply for asking for information on medicinal cannabis. I moved to the Latrobe Valley and within two weeks was amazed to see a community organisation take charge and inform the community about other options available.”

Cann10 who conducted these sessions are currently in the process of evaluating the forums. Latrobe Health Assembly will distribute the evaluation report to both the LHA Board and assembly members.

The objectives were:

  1. Inform community members and medical practitioners of the legal, therapeutic and clinical guidelines related to prescribing medical cannabis;
  2. Inform where to access ongoing support to use and prescribe medical cannabis; and
  3. Increase medical practitioners’ confidence to prescribe medicinal cannabis when appropriate and pharmacists to provide when necessary.

All three objectives were achieved and will continue to shape our future projects within the medical cannabis field.

In the first forum that was open to community members, the medical cannabis experts were able to provide the legal, therapeutic and clinical guidelines relating to prescribing medical cannabis and where to access ongoing support to use medical cannabis.

The second forum was well represented with General Practitioners and Pharmacists, and evaluations returned indicated an overall increase in their knowledge of the use of medicinal cannabis in the clinical setting. Many noted they felt more confidence in having the conversations with patients and the overall process to get a patient on medicinal cannabis.

Following on from the medicinal cannabis forum, in partnership with GPHN and several of the participants from the community forum, an awareness campaign is being planned for early 2020.

Status Update