Latrobe Health Assembly

Latrobe Valley Streetgames


Project Objectives

After a successful trial, the Latrobe Health Assembly Board has approved funding for the Latrobe Streetgames program to continue delivering non-club based sporting opportunities to youth until October 2021.

Highlighting the successes of Latrobe Valley Streetgames, the program recently was announced the winner of the VICHealth Awards Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Young Victorians awards.

GippSport, in collaboration with the Latrobe Health Assembly (LHA), and a range of community stakeholders have designed and implemented a schedule of activities and marketing strategies with the aim of increasing the physical activity levels and social connectedness of young people in Latrobe City.

Latrobe Streetgames utilises doorstep sport methodology which seeks to remove as many barriers as possible to young people participating in sport & active recreation. The Latrobe Streetgames program is successful when delivered at the right time, in the right place, in the right style and at the right price.

The intent is to complement other sport & recreation programs currently on offer across the Latrobe Valley catchment with a focus on youth not currently involved in any form of sport or active recreation. Highlights of the program to date include:

  • Delivered over 485 programs/events across the Latrobe City municipality with attendance over 10,000
  • Provided 17 young people direct employment opportunities with the program through GippSport including upskilling coaches in:
    • First Aid
    • Working With Children’s Check
    • Police Check
    • Aus Sport General Coaching Principals
    • Social Sport Delivery training
    • Job application support
  • Implemented a peer led delivery model of young people supporting young people to participate
  • Built local capacity to deliver Victorian Skate Park League series events by providing 5 young people employment & training to achieve SPL event management & Victorian Skateboarding Association  accreditation
  • Established & currently delivering ‘Skate Club’ across Latrobe City
  • In partnership with YMCA Action Sports, delivered 5 Victorian Skate
    Park League events and 12 Learn to Skate clinics
  • Established a strong online & marketing presence with the target

GippSport’s Latrobe Streetgames programs frequently have a large, engaged group of regulars participating and continually welcomes new people to attend. Alongside its regular schedule of community activities, it is actively seeking to partner with like minded groups to deliver niche programming  opportunities to young people. Examples of these opportunities include: Street Soccer with CMY, Table Tennis with Latrobe Youth Space, and All Access Days with Latrobe Leisure & Latrobe City Council.

Status Update