Latrobe Health Assembly

Incentives for healthy workplaces


Project Objectives

Latrobe Community Health Service (LCHS) works in partnership with organisations within the Latrobe City to support prevention at a scale to impact thousands of local residents. As part of this, LCHS delivers settings-based health promotion through the Achievement Program for Healthy Workplaces.

Working Victorians spend around one-third of their waking hours in workplaces, making them an ideal setting to promote health and wellbeing to a large proportion of the population.

LCHS have been supporting 30 workplaces using the Achievement Program to make long-term change to their policies, environment and culture to make it easier for people to be healthy. Previous LCHS Integrated Health  Promotion reports have identified that there are limited incentives for workplaces to participate in or progress through the Achievement Program. Additionally, it is often observed that workplaces have a lack of funds to support workplace health and wellbeing initiatives.

Following staffing changes, Jacoba Henning, a Health Promotion Officer with LCHS will be leading the program into 2020.

LCHS has also finalised the promotional materials to share with workplaces. Now this is in place the team can begin marketing the incentives program to workplaces across Latrobe Valley to encourage and enable them to progress their health and wellbeing initiatives within their workplace.

LCHS has identified a number of workplaces that want to roll out health and wellbeing initiatives and are focusing on beginning with workplaces that have identified funding availability as a barrier.

LCHS will also focus on identifying workplaces that have not previously engaged with services to educate them on the benefits of healthy workplaces and the assistance they can now offer them through the incentives program.

The overall incentives for workplaces program aims to provide financial incentives to workplaces across Latrobe Valley to;

  • Act as an engagement tool to increase participation in the Achievement Program;
  • Act as an incentive to reach best practice benchmarks for health priority areas for the Achievement Program;
  • To overcome financial barriers faced by some workplaces to develop and implement health and wellbeing initiatives as part of the Achievement Program; or
  • To assist in embedding sustainable health and wellbeing initiatives
    within workplaces.

Status Update