Latrobe Health Assembly

Garmin 2.0 Project


Project Objectives

The Garmin 2.0 project has scaled up the successful Garmin Minor Project trialed initially with Kurnai College – Churchill campus in 2018. In 2019, six schools participated in expanded program.

Students in this age group are at serious risk of dropping out of structured sport and they also tend to increase the amount of time spent on electronic media. It is very important to provide these adolescents with alternatives and knowledge about the importance of being active. Sedentary behaviour such as “sitting” is now commonly referred to as the next silent killer of our community. This project will help to address the sedentary behaviour issues that a large number of our youth are engaging in.

A program with the duration of ten weeks aims to encourage behaviour change so that students continue to move more after the program has ceased. At the least, they will have experienced first-hand just how much they should be moving during the course of a day.

The Garmin 2.0 project had six schools participating in the program. The participating schools were Beringa, Kurnai College, St Pauls, Lavalla Catholic College, Lowana and Traralgon Secondary College.

Schools were provided with a class set of Garmin devices that were allocated to a class of students from years 7-9. The Garmins were used at the teachers discretion and incorporated into existing health curriculum to promote the importance of moving and walking 10,000 steps a day to maintain healthy outcomes.

Students downloaded their progress on a weekly basis to monitor the number of steps that each individual student achieved and the number of steps as a class.

At the end of the term, participating schools were offered the opportunity to provide rewards to the students in the form of vouchers. Some classes provided individual student prizes where students received a range of vouchers including Rebel Sport, Intersport or Wyncity. One school (Kurnai) collectively got vouchers to Jump and climb and went on a class excursion. St Pauls used part of their reward and provided a healthy lunch and grazing table for their participating students.

Currently teachers are submitting final student data and evaluation forms. Discussions have begun as to the development and expansion of the project next year in 2020.

Status Update