Latrobe Health Assembly

FLO School Bike Restoration Program


Project Objectives

The Latrobe Health Assembly in partnership with the Morwell-based Flexible Learning Option (FLO) School introduced a Bike Restoration program in Term 1, 2018.

Aimed at engaging students in a hands on approach, bikes were donated to support the program with guidance provided by a training facilitator conducted regular workshops with students, educating them in workshop safety, tool maintenance and of course bicycle restoration.

The FLO School assists secondary students who are struggling with mainstream secondary education. The Bike Restoration program provided students with the opportunity to undertake an activity that increased their engagement and taught them new skills.

Daina Hughes, FLO School teacher said: “The program helped students get out of their comfort zone, learn something completely new and pick up valuable skills that can be transitioned into any field.”

The outcome of the program resulted in 12 bikes being restored. The Latrobe Regional Art Gallery hosted an exhibition of the bikes in June 2018.

Anonymous feedback from a participant was given at the gallery launch. The participant said she had not left her home for three weeks due to mental health issues. However, her pride in the work she had done on her bike gave her the strength to participate in the launch event at the Latrobe Regional Art Gallery.

Status Update