Latrobe Health Assembly

ABCD Training Workshop


Project Objectives

The Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Training was offered to all Latrobe Healthy Assembly members and 20 additional community members / agency representatives to encourage positivity based on the strengths of the Latrobe City population.

The program aims to help the Latrobe Health Assembly members think outside the square in relation to projects for the region, as it focuses on community assets and strengths rather than problems and needs, that is a
strength based rather than deficit approach.

Asset-based community-driven development challenges how professionals (including community development practitioners) see their role in working with communities, and requires listening deeply to communities.

The workshops were held in May and were attended by Assembly members, Health Assembly staff and outside organisation representatives.

The training provided great insights into ways we can better interact with our community, understand barriers and bring engaged community members along the journey of community development.

Status Update