Latrobe Health Assembly

A discussion with Dr Rob Gordon on mental health during times of emergency

As the region begins to emerge from ‘lockdown’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Latrobe Health Assembly has released a video featuring Dr Rob Gordon (Clinical Psychologist) who delves into the many emotions we all may have experienced during the pandemic and as we get back to our ‘new normal’.

Dr Gordon explains “emergencies do not always involve great drama but do always involve threat and disruption to our lives.

Threat associated with lack of control creates anxiety, which wants us to take the problem away.  But we can’t with COVID-19, so we feel stressed about an unusual threat”.

Dr Gordon goes on to provide insights for people that may be struggling to adapt to their changed environments, and he offers valuable advice to help people navigate their mental health as we come out of this pandemic.

Chair of the Latrobe Health Assembly, Ms Tanya Rong said “it was a privilege to be involved with the recording of this discussion, Dr Gordon has an incredible gift for making his webinars feel like individual, one-on-one counselling sessions”.

We are grateful that he could share some of the lessons he has learned during his extensive experience in managing mental health during and after emergencies and trauma”.

Dr Rob Gordon is a clinical psychologist who has been working in the field of disaster recovery since Ash Wednesday in 1983. He is a consultant to Red Cross and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and has worked with people and communities after the Port Arthur shooting, the Bali Bombing, Black Saturday, the Christchurch Earthquake as well as numerous floods, fires, cyclones and other events throughout Australia and New Zealand.