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Open Book

The Open Book Approach project, led by Lifeline Gippsland, works with Latrobe Valley businesses to identify what the current level of mental health perspective is in each workplace. The project works with the employees of the business to understand what is really happening within the business. By using innovative database techniques to shape the story of the mental health capacity and offer continued feedback and support to businesses who partake in the project by resurveying and regularly checking if they are on the right path the project is able to add real value and perspective to the employers.

The project core activities are a workplace mental health survey, followed by an employee deep dive workshop and an official report back to the leaders of the business with recommendations from their teams on the improvements that need to be made.

Within the project Lifeline Gippsland developed the community campaign ‘Check in with a Friend’. This campaign features leaders in the business community showing community leadership by championing wellbeing. Business leaders spoke about their lived experience and/or encouraged the community to support those struggling with their mental health. The campaign was designed to inform and empower people in the Latrobe community to check in with those around them and to start a visible groundswell of support through a range of posters and window stickers.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shut-down of businesses, delays in this project have greatly impacted its delivery within the first half of 2020.

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