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Healthy Supermarkets Latrobe

Poor diet is currently the leading cause of avoidable chronic disease and premature death in Australia. In Latrobe City 94% of adults do not eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables, 16% consume sugar sweetened beverages daily, and over half the population are overweight or obese. Excess energy intake is the largest contributor to obesity, with pervasive marketing techniques used to market energy dense, nutrient poor ‘junk’ foods, leading to high consumption.

Supermarkets account for the majority of food spending in Australia, with 63% of the market share. On average Australians visit supermarkets 3 times per week, and more than 12 million shoppers in Australia visit a supermarket at least once per week. The major supermarket retailers (Coles, Woolworths and Aldi) account for majority of supermarket purchasing (71.8%). Smaller retailers (IGA and Foodworks) play an important role in the market due to their convenience, the scale of the market in rural/remote areas, and customer loyalty.

The food environment plays a critical role in determining our dietary behaviours and the food choices we make. Research shows that supermarkets can greatly influence consumer food

purchasing behaviour by using the four marketing P’s; product, placement, promotion and pricing. Supermarket interventions which change aspects of the 4 P’s to favour healthier food purchasing (‘healthy supermarket initiatives’) show great potential for improving healthy food purchasing behaviours, and therefore improving overall diet quality and health outcomes at a population level.

The goal of this project is to increase promotion of healthy fresh foods and healthy packaged foods in supermarkets in the Latrobe region.

Engage supermarket retailers to implement changes that enable customers to make healthy food choices, including trialling the impact/efficacy of interventions such as:

  • Health star rating on shelving to promote healthy products
  • Trolley and shopping basket signs promoting healthy choices
  • ‘Point of decision prompts’ in places such as aisles, checkouts and end of aisle displays encouraging healthy options
  • Increase consumers’ awareness and understanding of HSR system
  • Increase consumers’ confidence in purchasing healthy foods
  • Increase healthy food purchasing choices in supermarket retailers
  • Decrease unhealthy food purchasing choices in supermarket retailers
  • Increase efficacy of supermarket store owners and staff in promoting healthy choices
  • Examine and describe impact of interventions on sales in supermarkets
  • Explore and describe consumer satisfaction with the interventions trialled in supermarkets
  • Explore opportunities for implementing ongoing changes that support healthy consumer choices in supermarkets

Help us create a healthier Latrobe!

Healthy eating is really important for how we feel day-to-day, with our mood and energy levels, and long term in reducing risk of developing chronic disease.  We all need more fresh and healthy foods in our lives.  


Latrobe Community Health Service and Latrobe Health Assembly are planning a community campaign to help promote healthy eating.  And we want to hear from locals just like you! 

Become a Latrobe Star by telling us (in 30 words or less):
How do you shop, cook and eat healthy foods for yourself and your family?

Just by entering, you’ll go into the draw to WIN 1 of 5 $200 Giftpay vouchers

If we pick your message, you can become a Latrobe Star!  You could be one of the local faces of our campaign and help us inspire others to eat fresh and healthy foods every day. 

Competition entry

Tell us, in 30 words or less: 

How do you shop, cook and eat healthy foods for yourself and your family? 

Please provide your contact details to enter the prize draw. 

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