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Children’s Service Libraries

Reading and literacy skills are fundamental to the learning process for a child. At all phases in a child’s leaning journey, reading and writing are extremely important skills to develop and to continue developing, whether they are just learning to read or already consuming “a book a day.”

Having access to reading material can be a barrier for some children and their families. A book exchange is usually a free exchange of reading materials based on an honesty system and allows children to borrow from the library and in turn donate their pre-loved books. 

The Latrobe Health Assembly Early Childhood Development group has proposed an expansion of the Little Libraries project that was implemented in 2018. This project saw the installation of 10 street libraries throughout neighbourhoods in Latrobe which increased access to reading materials for children and families in Latrobe.

For some families experiencing vulnerability there may be issues that hinder children’s ability to access reading materials from the established street libraries or Latrobe City Libraries. This project expansion would see the installation book shelves in service providers (e.g. GP clinics, Maternal Child Health Nurses) throughout Latrobe that families and children would frequently visit and enable the establishment of a free book exchange in a safe environment.

In addition to supporting the development of literacy skills, providing the ability to bring books home will encourage parents and children to create a special bond while sharing a book together and kick start a lifelong love of reading.

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