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Cafe table mask reminder cards

During the 2020 Victorian “Second Wave”, as mask wearing requirements began to ease slowly, there remained confusion about when masks could be removed at hospitality venues and when they should go back on.

A new initiative was launched in Latrobe Valley to keep our community COVIDsafe while dining out by providing hospitality venues with small table tent-cards that could be positioned on tables, at counters and entry points advising patrons of the need to follow the restrictions in their premises. The table cards outlined when it was acceptable to remove masks, when they should be placed back along with other safety tips like storing their mask in a paper bag while enjoying their coffee or lunch. These small cafe table cards provided a great reminder for customers to pop their mask back on as they move about the venue, pay their bill or visiting the restroom.

The table cards were delivered throughout the Latrobe Valley in November and were met with joy from many hospitality venue owners who had experienced some unwelcomed encounters while trying to ensure their staff and other customers remain COVIDsafe.

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