Latrobe Health Assembly

About Latrobe Health Assembly

The newly established Latrobe Health Assembly met for the first time in December 2016 and continues to meet quarterly. The primary role of the Assembly is to facilitate a new way of working to enable the community, local and state-wide agencies and government to work together to improve health and wellbeing in Latrobe. The Assembly has a leading role in the development of the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone.

In response to the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiries the Victorian Government designated the Latrobe Valley as a Health Innovation Zone, the first of its kind in Australia.

The formation of the Latrobe Health Assembly is a key component of the Health Innovation Zone, paving the way for a new era of community engagement, health improvement and integration of health and community services for people with complex conditions.

The Latrobe Health Assembly offers the community a chance to drive health and wellbeing priorities and consider new ways of working with local services and government, with a focus on innovative ideas and approaches.

The majority of members are from the community, with a diverse representation from various locations, professions, demographics and connections to communities and groups.

Other members of the Assembly include:

  • An independent Chair
  • A standing representative from Department of Health and Human Services, Latrobe Community Health Service, Latrobe Regional Hospital, Latrobe City Council and Gippsland Primary Health Network. These representatives are the CEO or the Board Chair.
  • Representatives from relative government departments and organisations, including the Department of Health and Human Services, WorkSafe, Environment Protection Authority, Department of Education and Training, Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance, VicHealth, Commonwealth Department of Health, Latrobe Valley Authority and Department of Economic Development Jobs Transport and Resources.

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2018-19 Annual Report

The Latrobe Health Assembly has released its second Annual Report for the 2018-19 financial year. Please download your copy and find out how we have begun improving the health and wellbeing of Latrobe Valley

Download the 2018-19 Annual Report

Download the 2017-18 Annual Report

Projects Update – 2019 Edition 1

This quarterly publication will provide updates on what the Latrobe Health Assembly has done, what is underway and what is around the corner.

Download the 2019 Projects Update – 2019 Edition 1

Latrobe Health and Wellbeing Charter

This Charter is a commitment to shared values and principles. Its supporters commit to driving innovation and change to improve health and wellbeing.

Download the Latrobe Health and Wellbeing Charter

Our Plan

People of Latrobe Valley, we are your Health Assembly.

  • Everyone is a someone in the Latrobe Valley
  • That someone may be your everything
  • That someone is a family member, a lover and a loved one
  • That someone is a friend, a neighbour and a colleague
  • That someone is you
  • But that someone may not be as healthy as possible to enjoy the best that life can bring
  • We need more people in the Valley to be well, to work, to raise families, to be friends, to create, to build things, to make stuff happen
  • We want to help you live a life of hope, love and wellness
  • You are us – your everything is our everything
  • Because everyone in the Valley is important


Our Dream 10k by 10y : 10,000 more people with better health and wellbeing in 10 years
Our Quest Shaping new ways to improve wellness in the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone
Our Pillars Healthy Living Better Care Positive Culture Great Place
Our Action Areas Physical Activity
More people moving, playing sport, and walking and riding for their work, study and daily life
Chronic Health
More people accessing integrated, innovative care, and self-managing their chronic health conditions
Social Inclusion
More people who are resilient, connected and included so that they can fully participate in life
Built and Natural
Resources More people enjoying built neighbourhoods and natural environments, and accessing better transport
Smoke Free
More people free of tobacco and quitting, and more young people not starting to smoke
Mental Health
More people receiving better care, support and community understanding for their mental health issues
Safe Families
More people feeling safe from physical violence, emotional and financial abuse, and neglect
Jobs and Skills
More people of all ages accessing quality education and fulfilling occupations, both paid and unpaid
Healthy Food
More people choosing water, healthy food options and eating together
Dental Health
More people with healthy teeth and gums, and accessing preventive measures
Drugs and Alcohol
More people taking healthier action about using alcohol and other drugs, and accessing support services
Community Capital
More people volunteering, and contributing to productive and thriving communities
Our Approach Lead and follow
Create and innovate
Enable participation
Leverage resources
Listen, look, learn
Build capacity
Partner with stakeholders
Monitor and evaluate
Our Reach
Everyone Children
Young People
Women and Men
Low Income
Our Values
Collaboration Innovation Inclusion Integrity Access Equity

Assembly members have identified priority areas in which 
to innovate and not duplicate existing services/initiatives.

These areas include:

Pride of Place
Make the Move
Children, Family & Young People
Chronic Illness & Wellness

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